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Youth Affirming Sex Education

Youth deserve to have their questions, feelings, and identity affirmed in all areas. YASÉ is committed to offering more spaces for decolonized sexual education with the focus on self-love and liberation.


Sex Education without Barriers

YASE believes in bringing- or taking sex education anywhere youth are. From virtual to juvenile detention settings, we are determined to disrupt Westernized norms of educating youth about sex and sexuality. 


Safe and Affirming Spaces

Brave and Affirming Spaces

The words "safe spaces" have become a trendy label placed throughout marketing everywhere. While it may seem gratifying at first, YASÉ recognizes how offering a completely "safe space" to youth in the country we live in is unrealistic and simply out of our reach. Instead, we are dedicated to creating brave spaces or environments where youth are believed, valued, and given room to grow. From open dialogue to private settings, youth feel heard and supported. 


Relevant Content

YASÉ leads the conversation on many topics around sex education from: 

  • Creating a Consent Culture

  • The History and Use of Contraceptives

  • Sex and Systems


1-on-1 Parent Sessions

Sex Series

Youth Group Sessions

The Face Behind YASÉ

For Tammaka Staley, it was unsettling to constantly be told that her identity was molded by the systemic and racial bondages that denied freedoms we were owed since conception. Not wanting to give said systems power over her liberation, she became committed to the defiance of beliefs and standards that deemed our very being as taboo or unacceptable.


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